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Priority project
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  2020: High-voltage direct current±Back to back. Key projects

  2019: Wudongde Power Station Power Transmission Guangdong UHV MULTI-TERMINAL DC demonstration project, yunnan-guizhou Interconnection channel DC line project, MONCY-JINZHONG UHV AC project, Zhangbei-xiongan 1000kv AC transmission and transformation project, qinghai-henan 800kv High-voltage direct current#Back to back line project, Shanbei-hubei 800kv High-voltage direct current#Back to back project, etc. . Key projects

  2018 include: 1,000 KV HIGH VOLTAGE AC project in Heze Shijiazhuang, 1,000 kv high voltage line in Maralbexi County-Yarkant County Zaozhuang, 500 Kv line in Zhangbei uhv substation, Zhangbei uhv substation, and 500 Kv flexible direct current network in Zhangbei. Key projects

  2017: the 1100 KV High-voltage direct current#Back to Back Line Project at Changji, the 500 kv transmission and transformation project at the upper reaches of the Lancang River River, the networking project between Tibet and Qamdo. Key projects

  2016: JINBEI-NANJING UHV DC 800KV line project, yuheng-weifang UHV AC transmission and Transformation Project 1000KV, jiuquan-hunan 800KV High-voltage direct current#Back to back project, MONCY-TIANJIN SOUTH AC UHV project, ximeng-Taizhou DC UHV project, Shanghai miao-shandong DC UHV project, Jarud Banner-Qingzhou 800kV High-voltage direct current#Back to back project, etc. . Key projects participated

  2015: Huainan-nanjing-shanghai, ximeng-shandong UHV AC project, MONCY-TIANJIN NANUHV AC project 1000kV, ningdonglingzhou-zhejiang Shaoxing 800KV Line Project, the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture-kuqa County Line Project, the Taiyang Shan-Liupan Shan-Pingliang 750 KV transmission line project, yunnan Jinsha River Middle Reaches Power Station Line, Einin to Funing Guanyinyan, a Tai line temporary transition point-jinguan converter station, Ningdong dc-Shaoxing Converter Station 500kV line project, etc. . Key projects to be participated

  2014: North zhejiang-fuzhou extra high voltage, Qamdo Power Grid and Sichuan Power Grid in Tibet, Nanning I and II 500 kv transmission lines in Fangchenggang nuclear power plant, East Yinchuan-shahu power transmission and transformation project, Fengyi Shuanglong to Middle Zhejiang substation, Xiaopu Fengyi to Middle Zhejiang substation, weixin-zhenxiong-duole Project, tongdu-duole project, etc. . Key projects

  2013: xiluodu-Jinhua, Hangjiahu Plain-hangbei station, Xianju pumped-storage hydroelectricity-danxi, Dongguan Zhen Longitudinal Line, Dongguan Zhen Longitudinal line, etc. . Key projects

  2012: Tira project in Shandong, Kapok Line, Xiluodu project, Nuozhadu Project, Yanshi Line, xinjiang-northwest connection, Baotou area project, Ahai Power station-jinguan converter station, Hami-zhengzhou, etc. . Key Projects Participated

  2011: Jinping County-sunan project, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant to Haining substation, Kangding Chongzhou, Nuozhadu DC project, Huarun Hezhou Power Plant Hezhou substation, qinghai-tibet DC Golmud Lhasa, Xinan Zhiyan, etc. . Key projects

  2010: jinping-sunant High-voltage direct current±Back to back line, jin-jiu-an transmission and transformation project, Zhenxiong power plant, Gongguo Bridge Project, Fugong Jianchuan, Danxi Cangyan, Rong'an County-Tam Giang I and II line projects, etc. .


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